for our clients we provide the high quality individual health diagnostic based on holistic medicine principles.


all under control of certificated operators


by using the newest diagnostic device  Sensitive Imago 530 ( latest 2014 software and hardware),

we can check  all internal organs, processes etc, and use Sensitive imago 530 for  bioresonace compensations

or recomend several other methods to make your body/ mind work better.


for many details please visit     http://www.aur-um.com.ua/eng/vozmozhnosti.htm


In our regeneration center we also work with the Plasma generator , the special device which destroyś parasites etc..

more here  http://www.zapper.cz/cs/plazmovy-generator-rpz-14-rife-system


please feel free to ask any questions  on   email :  rovnovahy@seznam.cz    or call  00420 739 089 306


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